Areas of Business

Market expansion China

For successfully marketed European products
What a shame if your successful products miss out on the potential China has to offer.
With this in mind EMSA started its business.  We manage the process of determing the optimal way to commercialize the product portfolio.  We do the partner selection, contract negotiating, the registration process, and management of the commercial partner.

For promising European products under development
Traditionally European companies launch their products first in Europe and the US, followed by the rest of the world.  As China will continu to grow into the 2nd largest market, European companies need to think about China at a much earlier stage.  We assist companies in including a China strategy in the development plan for their products, we support them in finding a strategic partner, and will help them to ensure that the potential of their assets will be maximized in this key market.

Bringing China investors and European (development) companies together
Many Chinese investors are looking for promising European products.  We help European Healthcare companies that are looking for an investor/financial partner to find a fitting arrangement with a Chinese company.