Chinese Healthcare Market

The Chinese Healthcare market offers big opportunities
The Chinese population is aging, the middle class is growing, and the government is implementing an ambitious reform plan that will widen access to healthcare.  Both insurance coverage and private spending on healthcare will steadily increase as GDP is expected to nearly triple in the next decade, offering big opportunities.

2nd Largest Pharma Market
As the world’s second-largest national pharmaceutical market in 2017, worth $122.6 billion, China is the biggest emerging market for pharmaceuticals, with growth tipped to reach $145-175 billion by 2022.

Complex regulatory, pricing and imbursement
China’s drug registration, pricing and reimbursement policy is complex which, in combination with the large domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing capacity, will put pressure on entry and prices of imported medicines.  The market is fragmented in terms of channels, geography and players but brings opportunities for companies that wish to establish or increase their presence and have a long term commitment.

EMSA Healthcare’s added value
Our added value is based on knowledge of this complex country.  With our expertise and our local and international network, we are able to seize the opportunities China offers.